Tuesday, January 22, 2013

worker bee

i just finished my last post, and realized i totally forgot about a BIG event for me. ive been putting pieces into group shows at the Hive for well over a year now, and i was asked to be the "featured installation artist" for January! that means i got a few small walls to hang up a collection of work on, in the middle of the gallery. i was able to customize my space and really just approach the whole thing in whatever way i wanted.

to be honest, i didnt go too crazy with it. i basically got together all my favorite pieces and put them all up. the walls at the Hive are black, so i picked up some pale teal/toothpaste colored paint at home depot and brightened the, up a little.


Then i mapped out my walls in adobe illustrator and got to work hanging my pieces

It was a strange show opening, because there was some sort of marathon happening in downtown LA. no one seemed to be prepared for it, and all the streets around the gallery were blocked off. needless to say, it was not crowded in the gallery that night. 

friends and family who had gotten downtown early enough came by, and i still met a ton of awesome folks at the opening.

my area is right by both bathrooms, so i had a consistent audience as folks waited in line to pee or poop

This guy is awesome. he bought the exclusive framed ninja turtles prints on the wall behind us.

so, this was/is the biggest gallery show for me to date. with work and holidays i had to scramble a bit to get it all together, but in the end i think it looked pretty good. thanks to Nathan at the Hive for the opportunity. The show is up until 1/28/2013 if anyone wants to go check it out

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