Tuesday, January 22, 2013

time keeps on slippin slippin slippin

wow. 2 months since my last post. thats...sad. but thats what happens man.

there have been a few things that have happened in my art world since my last post. I hosted atable at the Patchwork arts and crafts fair in Santa Ana. I won't post up all my pictures here, so instead i'll leave THIS LINK if anyone wants to see my sketch cards and booth from that day. It was a lot of fun. Being outdoors added a small element of challenge to the day, as it went from cold and gloomy to hot and...HOT. but, i got to meet a lot of awesome people and families, and had the pleasure of drawing quite a few portraits as well as the usual video game/cartoon/comic sketch cards.

I also put a few pieces up at HoneyHaus' "Retroholic" pop-up art show in Westchester. Again, a lot of fun and a great turnout.

Here are a couple photos from the show

i said a lot had happened since 2 months ago, but i think i lied. ive continued to stay quite busy with my freelance work, which has admittedly eaten into nt only my time, but my motivation to create in the time that i do have.

c'est la vie! its good to be making money drawing for people!

i did take a little time out to sit in front of the tv and draw tonight. it still feels good to get back to the old pencil and paper. heres what i got out of tonight...

so, nothing too crazy, but personal drawing nonetheless. thats all i got. peace

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