Monday, January 28, 2013

keeping up

I'm trying to get back on track with producing good quantities of personal work, as well as posting updates to this blog and my various social media sites.

Anyhoo, i'm putting a piece up at another Hive group show, opening this Saturday February 2nd with the theme "Love is a Battlefield".

Here is the show flyer as well as some process images from sketch to finished product.

I had a wood panel that I found in my garage when I got my house. It had a cool, moldy texture to it, and the back has a smooth, varnished finish to it. I chose to paint on the rougher, moldier side.

I like the sketch. To be honest, I think I lost some of the charm going through the painting process. I'm figuring out that my painting style just isn't delicate enough to capture certain nuances of a pencil sketch. I can live with that, but this is where my pencil (and cintiq) skills have their benefits over my brush skills.

blocking out shadows and value, per my usual.

At this stage, the bullet holes on the "wall" behind the girl are starting to get covered by paint and are disappearing for good.

getting into value and color layering the background

Making the gold squadron pin look more like gold 

adding texture to the hair, and lighting her outfit more.

in the ending phases, i wanted to smooth out and define the lines around the girl and on her face. this was my attempt to cover some of the crudeness that tends to be in my painting style. i wanted to her to be at least semi-attractive, and the lumpy line quality from my initial brush strokes was counter-productive to that

And, the finished product. It's cool i guess. i want to continue to paint women, with the goal of becoming better at producing softer results. its tough because (as ive mentioned ad nauseum above) my painting style is fairly rough, and i like it that way. i like the texture that reckless brush strokes give a painting, but i havent yet learned to translate that into any sort of sensual quality. thats alright for now, because i dont consider myself to be a sensual or sexual artist, but it would be nice to have that weapon in my arsenal for when i need or want to use it.

thats all.

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