Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crunch a Bunch

ive been extraordinarily busy at work the past couple weeks, but i did have a chance to sketch and scan this little piece. its 6" x 6" pencil on wood, to be painted soon with acrylics.

im trying to keep up on the "small paintings, lots of painting" concept.

I will be at Pop Monster in Torrance this Saturday, and I need to find time this week to organize all my junk and make sure I have enough prints. Tonight is the first time since last Wednesday that ive gotten home before 1030pm! Anyway, enough complaining...thanks for reading


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

H to the Eisen. B to the E erg

so i've got a few shows/conventions coming up in the next couple months. i want to come correct with a lot of new stuff, especially traditional work...traditional work that would be affordable enough for folks to own an original. ive been enjoying painting on wood, so my plan is to produce a decent amount of small paintings. that way, i could get a lot of small projects done, stay fresh, and build a small army of "paint-sketches".

so tonight i started a 4" x 4" wood panel. I've been watching a lot of "Breaking Bad" the last couple weeks, and decided to try my hand at a Heisenberg piece. I didnt give him his hat...maybe thats a mistake.

original photo

and run through an instagram filter.

its good. not the sketch, i mean just that im looking forward to painting a BUNCH of small things quickly, instead of laboring on large projects. and its not about the money or selling things, its just about producing a variety of traditional work that is actually accessible to people who are into that stuff. 

should be posting more very soon.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Give me all the bacon and eggs you have."

I've been wanting to do a Ron Swanson rendering/print, so tonight I tried my hand at this gentleman's likeness. I don't think this will be my "final" piece, but I thought it was a decent sketch. I spent maybe an hour and a half on this

I'm happy to have Photoshop back. I bought a new, powerful computer...my first Mac, and have been struggling with getting things set up properly. I haven't used a Mac besides computer lab time in college, so basic navigation has been a bit...hmm...difficult. funny, i guess old habits die hard.

anyhoo, glad to have my software back, and looking forward to getting some things together for my upcoming events! convention season, here i come!

thank you