Tuesday, July 31, 2012

sharing is caring

as promised, here are a couple scans from a couple pieces ive finished recently

first, i call this one "Freedom", and it is painted on a kitchen cutting board...

and next, my Street Fighter piece, which is still untitled.

i plan to make a few prints of the Street Fighter piece to sell at conventions and online. 

anyway, this feels like a boring post and im not feeling all that witty. so thats it

Monday, July 30, 2012

Johnny Cakes & Liquor

Casey and i finished Pancakes & Booze night 2. It was a lot of fun, and I felt like i was actually able to accomplish a decent amount of work as i sat at our table. i finished off my street fighter piece, and got a few sketch cards done as well.

here is the street fighter painting in photograph form...

here is a "Slippy" (from Star Fox) sketch card...

a commissioned "Back to the Future" sketch card...

and a Ron Swanson sketch card...

and a picture of me working at the show.

as always, pancakes & booze was a good time. i will definitely consider going back next time the show is in town. i got to meet a lot of nice folks, passed out some business cards, and sold some prints. overall SUCCESS


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Flapjacks and Spirits

I'm sharing a table at Pancakes & Booze with my boy Casey Hirai, and wanted to share some photos from night 1. We have prints, drawings, paintings, t-shirts for sale, and passed the time drawing, painting, listening to live bands and drinking Colt 45's.

It was a good time, perhaps slower than the last time I attended. I took a wood panel with a street fighter sketch on it, and pretty much kept busy painting on it. i probably put in 3.5 - 4 hours of painting, and came close to finishing. I plan to wrap it up early night 2 and work on something smaller.

I just realized I never posted the original sketch of this one...strange but true. so anyway, here is the original pencil sketch i did a couple months ago.

alright! time to get some things together and go back out to downtown for Night 2


Friday, July 20, 2012


hey guys. i said HEY GUYS!

last night i entered my new painting studio to paint for the first time! well, its my new garage, but im working towards turning it into a sweet painting studio...and i did really paint in it for the first time tonite!

for whatever reason, ive always wanted to do some art on cutting boards. i love wood, first of all. but secondly, ive always been a beet fascinated with the amount of experience a used cutting board has. they take a lot of abuse, theyve been chopped on, scrubbed, stained, thrown around, dropped, moldy...theyve been through a lot, and have always been worked on very intimately by peoples' hands.

so, i pulled out a cutting board ive had in my closet for a year or so, and started sketching...

then i moved into some color and lighting study work to make painting a bit easier...

and got into paints tonite.  this first one is run through an instagram filter

and this is just regular camera-style

anyway, im close to being done. another hour or 2 of touch-ups and re-painting and i'll call it a finished piece. im liking my recent experiences of painting on wood surfaces.

EDIT: I just noticed that this painting has very similar colors and imagery as "spoons", the octopus in my blog title banner. hmmm

droppin bombs on yo moms