Monday, April 30, 2012


ah, its been so long hasnt it? its been so long since i put some paint on a canvas. but tonight i got my butt off the couch (metaphorically speaking) and did a little work on a canvas i started a few weeks ago. its 12" x 24" and (unfortunately) 1" deep. i have a surplus of 1" canvases that i need to use.

the initial sketch wasnt anything i was SUPER excited about, but hey...sometimes you gotta just work with what youve got. and i had this...

he looked scared to me. but what was he scared of? well, i handt figured that out yet. so i sat down and tried to sketch some more and worked my way to THIS point...

and here's a little closeup shot...

sure, why not? so i got out my paints and brushes and got started on the real stuff

don't look at me... a monster!

this is about an hour and a half of painting, so im excited that the pace is decent. i dont want to go crazy on this because im feeling like i need to stay loose and actually work on volume right now. i want to produce a large amount of work in a short time, and keep things moving.

3 or 4 more hours on this and ill call it done.


Friday, April 27, 2012

I've tried to keep up on my 'field notes' sketches...2 per day. so far, not bad. i like the idea of filling up a sketchbook for once in my life.

April 24th

april 25th

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

survival of the fittest

hey there
long time, no post, i know

a friend of mine at work passed out these awesome "FIELD NOTES" books, so I decided to try and make it a goal to sketch in mine a couple times a week to stay loose and sharp.

as you may notice, i have entries for april 9th and april 23rd...not exactly staying sharp but i plan to get better. since it also serves as my note-taking/time management tool at work, all of my sketches have been done during meetings

anyhoo, here are my doodles so far

i also wanted to include the cover with my drawings, to follow the wear & tear on the book, as well as any dumb stuff i might scribble there too

i actually did a couple more pages today (april 24th) so i'll throw those up here tomorrow once i have a chance to scan em


Monday, April 2, 2012

Lumbering Honey Giant

another piece for the Hive...

The 2012 Avatars in Hiveland show, April 7th through the 28th

the goal for this show was for each artist to create an 'avatar' that would exist in the fantasy world of Hiveland. We had to assign powers, attributes, abilities, temperament, etc to this character, and describe where they live and what kind of creature they are.

I knew right off the bat what kind of character I wanted to create...a wandering giant. I wanted him to be strong but solitary. fearsome on the outside because of his great size, but wise and pensive on the inside.

Anyway, first some sketches, then i'll show my characters' attributes.

This was done at 8" x 10" on a masonite paint board...

The original sketch, pencils then sharpee markers.

first paints...

...and the scanned final piece.

close-up with cool Instagram filter on it.

And here is the brief story, description of the character:

Nomadic. Wanders along the Golden Current, mostly Melting Pot, The Heart Land, and The Forest of Zzub.

Avatar Name: The Lumbering Honey Giant

Avatar Story:
The Lumbering Honey Giant is a nomadic creature, with a great thirst for the sweetest honeys. Although he is seen a threat and a danger by most habitants of Hiveland, the giant is actually quite harmless and content to lead a solitary life, drinking the nectars of the Golden Current and searching for the sweetest deposits on the banks of Lake Honeysac. The Giant generally travels through the Melting Pot, The Heart Land, and The Forest of Zzub, moving frequently to avoid depleting the supply of any one area along the Golden Current.

What is largely unknown to the creatures of Hiveland, is the Lumbering Honey Giant’s great wisdom. As an outsider to all communities, the giant is highly introspective, meditating on the philosophies, cultures, technologies, and politics of Hiveland, while having no direct involvement with any of them.

HP: 21
Fairly durable. The heartiness of his Honey Power is mostly untested.
DM: 3
Does not have many Dance Moves, nor does he attempt to improve the quality of those he does have.
PP: 34
Monastic approach to life in Hiveland. Possesses great Pollen Processing skills, yet prefers ascetic simplicity and to maintain a solitary existence.
WP: 2
Large, slow, ungainly. With his long legs, the Giant can cover great distances quickly, but his Wing Potential is defined by his inability to manipulate small objects and react quickly to events around him.
SP: 27
Brute Strength. The Giant is rarely involved in battles or quarrels, but his Sting Power is evident in his great size.
EX: 13
Moderate hide thickness. The Lumbering Honey Giant prefers to keep his body free from armors and jewelry, and his Exoskeleton leaves him relatively vulnerable to attacks and spells.