Saturday, December 31, 2011

yeti hunter

i went over to my boy Casey's house today, and we both worked on some 'art.' i finished up my work in progress 'tentacle love' piece (see below) and started on a new piece. for now i just have a sketch on canvas, this is what i came up with for my next piece. it is 16" x 16"

i like this one so far. im feeling like i want to render this one digitally, so my plan is to wait until after i can scan this sketch at work before i commit it to paint.

here are a couple detail images


first things first

i finished my piece for the 'tentacle love' show at Monkeyhouse toys on february 18th. The show runs through March 18th.

and here it is

this is just a photograph, so ill probably post up a scan once i have it. im pretty happy with it.i do mean it when i say this looks better in person.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

no noodles

just a quick check-in to post my night's progress on my latest painting.

this is one of the few pieces ive worked on that i actually think looks better in person.



Wednesday, December 7, 2011

new noodles

4th post tonight! what!

actually, its after midnight, so this is my FIRST post of tomorrow

i did some quick sketching on a new canvas last week, and tonight i tightened it up and started with some light painting. so far so good. the canvas is 8" x 8" and i'll be painting with acrylics as usual. i might do some quick color studies in photoshop, but i think i know what i want this to look like

the sketch...

the early painting...

also, for anyone interested, i have Instagram and Twitter accounts...


where i like to pop up photos of my works in progress as well. plus, instagram adds those sweet, stylish filters


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

real deal

i finally took this one to work and scanned it, so i wanted to post the result

15" x 30" acrylic on canvas

showed this one at the 'pancakes & booze' show this past friday and saturday


art zombie

i call this post 'art zombie' because i revived a painting that had been 'dead' for about 8 months.

and here it is...

in case you havent read the earlier post, this is 36" x 12" acrylic on canvas. thats really all i have to say about it.


2 shows, 1 weekend

so this past weekend i participated in 2 shows,

pancakes & booze:
a lot of fun. it was a 2-day event that took place in a pretty large rented warehouse type space. they had a TON of art, a bar, live music, free custom pancakes ( i got blueberry and chocolate chips), and a santa-themed bikini fashion show. i spent several hours was fun.

in the spirit of time-saving, since i was confirmed for the show so late, i finished 2 pieces i had already started and displayed them along with a piece I had finished in october.

price...less @ the hive:
awesome show. the 'price...less' show was cool because all the pieces were under $250, and there were several full single-artist shows there as well. Crowded Teeth (michelle romo) had a full wall of work, and the usual in-house artist work was good as well.

enough typing, im bored of it.