Friday, September 30, 2011

final Mostoberfest scan

so, i finally scanned my monster painting. as i mentioned before, it is going to be in the Monstoberfest show at Rothick Art Haus on Saturday October 8th.

thats it, i guess. thanks

Thursday, September 29, 2011

its business, baby!

i know this is a horrible picture, but i need to provide a link to an image of my painting to the gallery it will be shown at...i assume just so they have visual reference for which painting is mine when it sells for millions of dollars.

i dont have a website, so this is pretty much the only place i could post this so i could give them a link.

However! you can see the awesome frame my dad made for me. thanks pops!

Friday, September 23, 2011

monster part III

got a little more painting done last night, so im posting my progress. i didnt last too long before i got frustrated with the background, but im hoping to finish in the next 6-8 hours of working

next post will probably be the final painting

Thursday, September 22, 2011

part 2, part 2

i wanted to keep a work-in-progress log on this acrylic painting, because im excited for the show. however, i dont want to REVEAL the whole thing (i know, kinda dumb) before the show, especially since its only like 2 weeks from now.

so, here is stage 2 of the painting. showing the same portion of the piece as the earlier drawing but whatever.

im trying to get a lot done in these early days, because im scared of missing my deadline. i made a lot of progress tonight, which is im feeling pretty good about it at this point.

more coming soon!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

glug, glug! real monsters

i recently got confirmation that i will be in a gallery show on october 8th in orange county. ill post more details when i get them, but for now i wanted to post a little teaser image of the preliminary drawing i'll be painting on top of...

the theme of the show is "monsters"

like i said, just a little teaser, but ill post more process images as i get a little deeper into the painting. it is on a 15" x 30" canvas and ill be using acrylic paints, as usual

also, im excited to say that master carpenter, Ian Wilson (my pops) will be building the frame for me

Thursday, September 15, 2011

adventureman returns!

just wanted to drop this in, because i added a background and am currently considering this drawing 'done'

also, i wanted to announce my movement to utilize technology to 'take it to the next level'. this means i've created a facebook page for my drawings and whatnot, as well as begin to sync twitter and all these crazy pages together, as well as open an online store!

WHAT! its going to take me awhile to really understand how to do all this stuff seamlessly, and hopefully i dont make too big a fool out of myself in the process. all of these elements are in their infancy, but someday i think i can make it work as a well-oiled machine...just like me



he's hanging onto something!

so i felt like i havent done anything adventurous for awhile. the drawing ive been doing hasnt felt satisfying, or overly creative or unique.

a little birdie told me i should do more of my OWN stuff...meaning ive been drawing a lot of OTHER peoples' characters.

so today i started fresh on something of my own and this is what i came up with.

hes some sort of commando...
one thing is for sure: what hes doing is dangerous!

i dont think im quite done with this one.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

there can be only one

the hero of hyrule...
...facing his greatest fear...

Link vs Dark Link in the Kakariko Forest!

Dark Link has a bomb, but my money is on Link. Link has the power of GOOD. Link has the prayers of Zelda. Link has UNLIMITED CONTINUES!

anyhoo, this is where i am planning to leave my zelda drawing. im alright with the one vs one battle, even though this particular composition has become very FLAT. whatever

i might do something with the background, provided i plan to print/sell this. i was thinking a parchment type background. you can all imagine what that actually means until i get off my tuckus and create it.

but tonight is not the night.

there are more pressing matters.

(i finally bought Megaman 9 on the ps network. i have only beaten Splash Woman thus far...)

Monday, September 5, 2011

hyrule drools

ive been struggling with this zelda drawing for the past week. to be fair, i havent put in a great amount of sweat and tears, but i havent felt like i knew where i was going with it.

the octorok in my last post is cool and all, but he wasnt menacing, tough, or compositionally satisfying enough for me.
so today i drew DARK LINK, the evil counterpart to our hero Link. the thinking was that i could set him up opposite Link, waiting for the right opportunity to strike with a sword/bomb combo.

this was put together quicky, using the forest background i put behind Link. this is kinda the idea. ive got to figure out all the cropping and whatever...

so thats it. im either going to finish a zelda drawing soon, or just move on and call these 'sketches' because i dont feel like i really know what im doing right now

enjoy, thanks