Wednesday, June 29, 2011

rooster sculpting

ive recently picked back up a project i started well over a year ago: sculpting a figure. it has been a REALLY long time since i sculpted, but i really enjoy it. this young rooster is (or will be) the 'main' character a series of short, illustrated storybooks i intend to create

the figure is about 6" tall to the top of his head, sculpted in Castilene on top of a simple armature. The hat and sword are separate parts. Somehow (i think when i moved to my current apartment) I lost his right arm...which is annoying

anyway, here are some work-in-progress shots. im hoping i can have him done by the end of july so i can start figuring out a molding/casting strategy

Monday, June 13, 2011

seminar sketches with quick color

did some quick coloring on the clown and elephant sketches i posted last week. so here they are...

and the seminar lady...


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

seminar sketches

its been awhile. whatever

yesterday i attended a time management seminar, and took the opportunity to sketch. i brought a small spiral notebook, and got 3 sketches out of my time there, using the Holiday Inn ballpoint pen (for whatever reason, hotel ballpoints are always #1) that equals good time management. you see...i learned a lot yesterday.

first a clown...

...then his pet elephant...

...and finally, i tried my hand at some LIVE face drawing. the lady running the seminar...

I was pleasantly surprised with the likeness...anyone who was there yesterday can disagree if they want.

Anyway, i want to do some quick coloring in photoshop and post again. see you then.