Monday, April 25, 2011

the incredible robot

Udon released the list of artists whose pieces were selected for the Megaman Tribute Book coming out this summer, and I didnt get in. im a little disappointed, but i also think my submission could have been better. regardless, i do like my piece and now i can post it up here

my initial plan was to do a traditional acrylic painting, so i sketched on the canvas with pencils and hi-liter. by the time i got to the end of the sketch, i saw a lot of things i wanted to fix, so i made the decision to scan the canvas and work in photoshop. there were too many issues to try and fix them all in paint. mainly, i didnt like the symmetry of dr. wily's castle right above megaman's head, especially since the main element is a skull.

Also, at the time i only had a day or 2 to finish the piece in time to hit the submission deadline. so, i figured working digitally would help get it done more quickly.

and here's the final piece.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

girls girls girls

so im trying to get better at drawing girls. for whatever reason, i never learned (or never taught myself) this incredible power. ive always liked J. Scott Campbell's girls, and it seems like there is some formula that i just dont know.

anyway, last week i sketched a girls face. then i took it into photoshop because she was ugly. really, i dont even want to put up the original sketch because im embarrassed. for whatever reason, i can tolerate a drawing of an ugly man...but not a woman. at least not yet.

so here is my girl's face after about an hour in photoshop. my major issues seem to be with proportions. i tend to exaggerate the features on human faces, but this does NOT work well for girls. so here i have adjusted the size and location of the nose, mouth, and eyes. im not saying this is perfect, but i feel like its a decent start.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Candy Bear - TrinityKids Care

Here is a scan of the Candy Bear piece I did for a charity art auction to benefit TrinityKids Care. It's 10" x 8" and will be auctioned off at the “For Our Children” event on May 1st. I'm excited to go to the event, excited to see this live auction, and excited to be helping (at least in a small way) what sounds like a great organization.

She isn't reading this, but thanks to Dana Singer for making me aware of this opportunity.

Here's a link to my friend Jerome's blog, who is also submitting a piece for the auction.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

candy bear

so its been awhile since i posted. seems like im already falling off the blog wagon. but today, my boys jin, arnell and mike came over and we had a little art day.

im working on a painting for a charity auction, and it needs to be finished and submitted by this friday. i actually dont have the information for the charity with me now, but i'll post it later with the final scanned piece.

anyway, this is like 8" x 10", and between the sketching and painting i think i put in about 4 hours.

hopefully you can tell this is a bear with an armful of candy. the orange lollipop was kind of a coincidence. i drew the lollipop, and i just decided the best color for it would be orange. i kinda figured whoever buys the panting wouldnt have seen the 'old man' painting i finished last whatevs. im thinking it might need some kind of candy cane striping so the stuff in his arms looks more like CANDY.