Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2 hour wizard

tonight i did another SHORT TIME painting...this time of my cat, gandalf. he's pretty handsome, as you can see. this one is also 8" x 6" with acrylics, but i only spent about 2 hours on it. not really much else to say...so on to the images

and, per my blogger promise, here are some process images...

first, the original sketch on canvas...then some paints...

and some more paints...

i kinda like it with the "grayscale" background now that i see it here. in fact, the last image might be my favorite...kind of a paint-sketch. oh well, too late hah, this one is done

and this is the cat

Monday, March 21, 2011

3 hour dinosaur

today elena bought some watercolor supplies, we sat on my couch and had an art day. we both painted for a few hours, and this is what i came up with. it's 8" x 6" done with acrylics.

i like this SHORT and SMALL piece idea, because i know my attention span is really weak. i think i mentioned this before, but i often have a hard time revisiting pieces ive started...so sometimes i dont finish works already in progress. i have a few more of these 8" x 6" canvases, so my next few projects might be single-session-styles.

here are some process pics...

I'll scan this one soon too, so i have a "pure" digital version for my deviantart page.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

old man lolli

so here is the 'final' painting of this gentleman and his lollipop. its not a lot different from the last post. i just wanted to punch up the background at the bottom near the 'trees' (im not so sure thats what they are, but theyre green and stuff) so it looked like it was kind of a sunset. then i just did some minor clean up and dropped it into this sweet frame i had on hand.

in case you cant tell, thats a BURLAP border on the frame...awesome.

These are just photographs taken in my dim apartment, but i want to bring the canvas into my office to scan so i have a more accurate version for my deviantART page etc.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I put a couple hours of painting into this old man with his lollipop. I went to bed feeling like he looked pretty good. when i woke up i turned on the shower and stared at the painting while the water heated up. i dunno. still needs work. my patience to return to the same project more than a few times is terrible. so im thinking ill put in 1 MORE 2 or 3 hour session and call it done.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

another acrylic - work in progress

its an old southern gentleman with a lollipop in his hand, see? is he sleeping? dead? you tell me.
this is.....ummmmmm....i dunno like 12" x 24"

i started this a little while ago, and think i'm finally ready to go back to it. i think the lollipop will be orange.

first, a little pencil sketching...

and the first stages of painting...

im hoping i can finish this one up by the end of march. theres a lot left to do, obviously. The background is completely unresolved, so id like to spend like 6 - 8 more hours painting before ill feel like its done.


Monday, March 7, 2011

painting portrait 1

hello folks

here's an acrylic painting i finished a couple months ago, and am now posting up here. i think it's like 18" x 36", so its one of the bigger pieces ive done. This is a photograph as opposed to a direct scan, so the full-size image isnt super clear. The striped background reads as an american flag. that wasnt necessarily what i was i was going for...but i like the effect, so if thats what you see its alright with me. he kinda looks like he has a 'dont tread on me' disposition anyway.

also, a couple work-in-progress images...
not a big fan of the pencil sketch i put down on the canvas. i've been drawing with this waxy, black pencil that doesnt erase, so i have to fix my mistakes in paint. look at these eyebrows........bad.

it doesnt help that i generally dont know where im going with it until im deep into the painting phase. for example, i had no idea what the background would be at this point, just a general sense of how i wanted it to be lit (as you can see with the hatching in the background, as well as the 'spotlight' behind the guy).

then a little paint


Thursday, March 3, 2011

10-Doh (squid kids ink) at d-con

A few months ago I did a custom piece of Squid Kids Ink's "So Analog - 10-Doh" for their Designer Con booth in Pasadena. there were a lot of really sweet customs done by other artists

Here's a pic of mine

and heres a pic of the booth all set up.

My piece sold for like $300, which was awesome

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the incredible robot

so Udon is putting out a Megaman Tribute art book, and i submitted a piece for it. we're all supposed to know by now if our pieces have been selected, but i havent heard so my assumption is that mine didnt make it in. bummer.

Udon asked that submissions that made it in be kept private, waiting for the book release at comic con 2011, so here's a sneak peak of mine.......just in case a miracle happens and i DO get in. by next week i think it would be safe to say i didnt make it, at which point i'll post up the final piece. but for now im still holding onto a little hope. i heart megaman

also, heres a little sketch i did as a kind of study for the character before really getting started.

ball point, quick

just posting up a few quick face sketches i did during a work brainstorm at disneyland

this is usually how i occupy my hands when i have a pen/pencil and paper in front of me. especially during meetings and stuff.