Wednesday, January 25, 2012

bumper buddy


this week, im trying to keep my work short and sweet. lately ive felt like ive been unconsciously pressuring myself to work towards LARGE pieces, and i need to slow down (or speed things up? depending on how you look at it) and produce more quick work.

SO, here are some ballpoint pen sketches i added some quick color to...

and a digital sketch that i kept under 4 hours.

ideally, something like this would only take me 1.5 - 2 hours...maybe even less. however, i find when im working in photoshop (especially on my cintiq), i tend to zoom in really close and kinda 'noodle' the linework instead of letting it flow and stay dirty. im actually pleased with the results most of the time, but id like to finish things like this much more quickly.

anyway, ill be back soon

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tentacle Love

I got the flyers for the Tentacle Love show, and wanted to post them up here.

Looking forward to the show, and seeing what the other artists' pieces look like. My boy, the always awesome Jasper Santos will have a piece up the show, as well as other artists i enjoy like Crowded Teeth and Mimi Yoon

come out for the show, it should be good

Thursday, January 19, 2012


hey guys!

tonight i ended up doing a self-portrait. i would say its been close to 7 years since my last self portrait.

so, here it is. i didnt use any mirrors except when i got up to pee, and tried to draw myself as i see myself, and how i think other people see me. look, i have a crooked nose

so, here it is...


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

back to digital

tonight after work i pulled out a canvas to start another painting. but after about 30 minutes watching the Clippers-Mavericks game and ending up with nothing but chicken scratch on the canvas, i sat down at my desk and started sketching in photoshop.

aaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaand, this is what i got.

i was trying to capture the essence of being out on a court by yourself trying SO HARD to dunk.

also, i was trying to challenge myself with environment, perspective, composition, etc.

i think its ok. i actually struggled a bit with the colors, which is generally an aspect that sorta just 'happens' for me. now that im looking at it again, the character is RIGHT in the middle of the drawing, which strikes me as...weird? i mean, considering i was trying to more adventurous with composition.

anyway, thanks. enjoy

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


just a quick post to show a sneak of this finished piece. i'll put up a full image once i can get a decent scan put together.

i know, not a lot has change since the last round of images. i put about 4 more hours into it, but the time was mostly spent doing minor adjustments and adding minor details.

it'll be up at the "Hard Love" show at the Hive gallery in downtown LA February 4th - 28th.

and as my incredible experiment continues, here is my palette from the last couple nights...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

yeti hunter stage 3

and here are a few photos from tonight's painting session

i feel like i could be done in like 2 to 3 more hours. this one has actually gone a lot more quickly than i expected, especially since it's 18" x 18"...

...detail of her face...

...hands and gun

and, as i mentioned in my previous post, i want to start photographing and posting my palette from the end of a session. hopefully its interesting to see what colors im using from the paint tubes, as well as how im mixing them.

alright...anyway!...thats it for tonight.
check you later

new piece - stages 1 & 2

so i started painting my NEW PIECE last week. i was a a little scared at first... okay more than a little scared and very hesitant because i really liked my line drawing on the canvas. and i didnt want to 'mess it up' with the paints.

anyway, i finally got started, and here are a couple photos from the first couple nights.


i got an AWESOME, HUGE set of acrylics for christmas, and this was the first painting with this amazing selection of colors. in the past, ive always 'made do' with a limited palette, mixing and whatnot to get the desired effect. anyway, im not saying i stepped way out of my comfort zone, but i like to think this piece is developing a little different with all these new color choices.

at the same time, i felt a little thrown off by the paints, and ended night 1 a little nervous about my progress. maybe i HAD actually messed up a good line drawing? oh well


and a detail shot

but anyway, i started feeling a little more comfortable at this point. i dont know what the point of the great paint story was, but whatever, this is a blog so i should put in stuff like that i guess.

another thing i wanted to start including on here is images of my palette that correspond with progress images of my paintings. i always kinda like how the palette looks at the end of the night because as im working i dont pay that much attention. its kinda interesting to see where everything ended up.

PALETTE nights 1 & 2

in case you cant tell, i use aluminum foil as a disposable canvas


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


just wanted to follow up on my earlier post and show the scan taken from this piece

weird, it still looks a lot better in person to me. guess that means y'all will have to come check out the show...