Friday, August 26, 2011


its been a while since i posted, so i thought i would throw up what i started last night. long way to go

link vs octorok

i like link's teeth

Sunday, August 14, 2011

MotU re-draws - Prince Adam


the last of 3 Masters of the Universe red-draws.

so here's the original...

this was the last one i drew 4 years ago, and was pretty rushed at the time.

and heres the re-draw...

kinda weird. feels kinda unsettling to me. i dont know if thats good or bad. i still feel like there is a certain charm to the originals, so going in and adding this level of detail almost feels like a betrayal to that charm. whatever

the lean body and fashion makes him some sort of a disco prince, which Prince Adam kinda was anyway. i adjusted the throne to be the same color as the paper background so it didnt fight with the big fella for attention. we'll see if i stick to that or put in the golden color from the old toys and tv show

im still unsure about the font, but i think this one is closer than the earlier choice. i have a feeling i will be coming back to all 3 of these re-draws before all is said and done, but for now im calling them done. ill come back and post the FINAL final pieces as i wrap up for designer con


Friday, August 12, 2011

poor skeletor

part 2 of the MotU thing: Skeletor.

I cant say with confidence that this one is done for sure, i think ill probably touch this one up, but i feel like posting it tonight,

so, the original version...

and the new version...

again, trying to stay pretty true to the original, because i like it. still hoping the newer versions are better.

take that!

Monday, August 8, 2011

MotU re-draws - Trapjaw


so about 4.5 years ago, i drew these quick Masters of the Universe sketches as part of a MotU-themed art challenge amongst some friends at work. i always liked them, but knew they were rushed. then, the hard drive they were on broke and now i have them only as lo-res .jpg's.

anyway, with the magic of my cintiq, i decided to re-draw them. i want to capture the simple charm that i liked in the originals, so my plan is to pretty much directly imitate the poses and moods.

so here's my favorite from the originals...Trap Jaw...

and the 2011 re-draw...

there is something simple about the originals that i still like. quick and cartoony not completely set on the font or background treatment yet, and ill probably be adjusting those things as i go through the 3 characters. i actually wish i still had or could find the font i used on the originals, because i always thought it fit the theming pretty well. however, i i dug through for a while and didnt come up with it.

my plan is to attack prince adam next, and save skeletor for last.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

dead lincoln

my very first blog post was a skateboard i had designed which had an abraham lincoln head floating in a jar. i painted it traditionally, and always felt like i wanted to 'fix' it. well instead of fixing the existing painting, i decided to redraw the concept digitally, and here it is.

the quick sketch

this was done on my cintiq in about 7 or 8 hours. i tried to stick to the original color palette because i like it.